Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank


We are manufacturer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas tank, Liquefied Petroleum gas Storage tanks, Liquefied Petroleum tank, Liquefied Petroleum Underground tank, Liquefied Petroleum Above ground tank and also Liquefied Petroleum gas mounded storage tanks.

We are also supplier of Propane above ground tank and underground Propane storage tanks and functions like pipelines, valves, safety fittings etc. The unit comes with all safety features as per norms.
We are manufacturer of storage tanks and integrated systems for global applications. Tank types include epoxy coated bolted storage tanks, glass lined storage tanks.Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a term describing a group of hydrocarbon-based gases derived from crude oil and or natural gas.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tank

We are manufacturer and Distributor of LPG Gas tanks, ASME pressure vessels & related LPG equipment. Capabilities include consulting, design engineering and construction of LPG bulk plants and terminals, LPG plant inspection, evaluation and achievements, LPG tank flaring &removal, relocation, removing, dismantling, acquisitions, refurbishing, maintenance, repairing, finishing & sandblasting, multiport &internal pressure relief valve designing & installation, training & site evaluation, procedural audit. We also Manufacturer of steel saddles.
Excellent Quality and Quantity.
Welding and safety.
LPG is convenient and versatile
LPG tanks are security and safety.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas - LPG Semi Trailer:

We are also manufacturer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Semi Trailer. These tanks are mounted on tractor chassis with rear semitrailer and are tractor type tanks. The tanks are made of various capacities like 30m3, 40m3, 45m3 , 50m3 , 57m3 , 60m3 . The semitrailer may be double axle or Triple axle depending on loads and road regulations. The tanks are also provided with all safety features like safety relief valves, excess flow valves, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, isolation valves, internal valves, Rochester gauge, Rotogauge, fixed level gauges . The tanks are also provided with unloading pumps of PTO driven type which take power form the truck engine for easy and safe transfer of LPG from the tanker or hydraulic driven pumps as required.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant

Technical Specification:
Design Pressure: 17.16 Bar to 23 Bar
Design Temperature: -40 Deg C to + 65 Deg C
Volume: 5KL to 100KL,

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a clean-burning fossil fuel that can be used to power internal combustion engines. LPG-fueled vehicles can produce significantly lower amounts of some harmful emissions and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2).Since propane is stored as a liquid in pressurized fuel tanks , LPG conversions consist of installing a separate fuel system if the vehicle will run on both conventional fuel and LPG or a replacement fuel system for LPG-only operation.

The two major sources of LPG are from natural gas processing and petroleum refining.
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a term describing a group of hydrocarbon-based gases derived from crude oil and or natural gas. Natural gas purification produces about 55 percent of all LPG, while crude oil refining produces about 45 percent.
LPG is mostly propane, butane or a mix of the two. It also includes ethane, ethylene, propylene, butylene; these are used primarily as chemical feed stocks rather than fuel.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sphere
We manufacture Horton spheres for storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Propane, Ammonia, Ethylene and other gases as per ASME Sec.VIII Div. 1 and 2, PD 5500 and other international codes. We have in-house design department, which is capable of designing Spheres with international codes such as ASME, PD 5500, DIN. The volume range from 200 m3 to 5000 M3. The Spheres are provided with all accessories like safety fittings, valves, pipelines, Excess flow valves, internal valves as per requirement. The above photographs shown manufacturing of LPG sphere consisting of various activities like Pressing of plates at shop, Pre fabrication of Equator and crown plates, Legs or columns for sphere, Radiography welding, NDT testing, Erection at site, Hydrotesting and coating of LPG spheres.

Total Project Commissioning for Horton Sphere:

• Ammonia Sphere - 4 x 5000 cum. meter
• LPG Sphere - 4 x 8500 cum.
• LPG Horton Sphere - 4 x 1500 m3
• LPG Sphere - 4 x 4200 cum
• Ammonia Spherical Tank - 5 x 2500 m3
• Propane Sphere - 5 x 3000 cum.
• LPG Horton Sphere - 2 x 2000 cum.


Liquefied Petroleum Gas is widely used as a fuel for heating and cooking in rural areas where natural gas lines are unavailable. Its transportability and easy storage have boosted its popularity. Although relatively few urban residences depend upon large propane tanks for heating and cooking, smaller tanks for outdoor grills are extremely common throughout the land.

LPG Tank including:

• Siting of the tank
• Ventilation and conditions around the tank
• Tanker access
• Security
• Impact protection
• Emergency arrangements



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